The links below are Friends of Perimeter :

Links to just some of the fine online labels that we have released loop sample sets through and sell our own at. As well as some of the other online web shops that sell our many Perimeter Sound Acid and REX Loops & Zebra Patches and SoundSpice Acid Loops products. There are also quite a few great musicians linked here who have done demo mp3s for our synth patches  and loop sample sets (as well as lots of their own great music). And of course our 2 top places to get plug-in and Acid and REX loops & Zebra patches news. The sites where we go to find out about what’s new and hot in the music making world. And links to get more details about our top choices of vst synth plug-ins.

Here are some of the other webshops that carry Perimeter Sound & SoundSpice products:

Producer Loops

Musician friends of Perimeter :

Torben Hansen 1Torben Hansen 2
Bill Davies
Irion Da Ronin
EDT Audio

Preferred music news & forum sites :

Synth plug-ins of choice :


Our SoundCloud :

Perimeter Sound @ SoundCloud

We hope that you will enjoy checking these sites out. Hear some great new music, and find out what’s fresh in the world of music making software and synth & effect plug-ins. If you have made an mp3 demo for us and are not listed here, please let us know and we will get links to your site or music up. If you want to sell our products in your web shop, then please use the Contact Us page form and get in touch with us. We are always looking for new places to offer our Acid and REX loops & Zebra patches for sale. 🙂