Acid and REX loops

Perimeter Sound – Acid and REX loops

Perimeter Sound Arts makes loop sample sets in both Acid and REX loops file formats. Stop by the webshop (link above) and grab the freebee try-before-you-buy sample packs from each of our Acid and REX loops sets. When you shop with us you get download links for both formats : Acid and REX loops. No more confusion, and no more having to pay twice. One price = download both Acid and REX loops formats.

Acid loops are probably the most widely used audio sample format in the world, since they are based on the most basic uncompressed audio file format |.wav | and can be read by both Windows PC and Apple/MAC computers.

REX loops are quite a bit different, and need special software that is able read them, often times in the form of a plug-in inside your DAW. REX loops can also be read by both Windows PC and Apple/MAC computers, if you have a program or plug-in to load them into. The reason for this is that REX |.rx2| is a proprietary audio file format.

Acid and REX loops are just about equally good for making music and changing the key and tempo of the sounds though. Our Acid and REX loops all have both the key and tempo info right in the file name, so you can see it before even hearing it if you like, or use them in programs that don’t automatically match the pitch or do time stretching. For instance, sometimes when I make the mp3 demos for our Acid and REX loops sets, I don’t set an overall key, I pick and match loops that just seem to work together musically. Also, just so that things sound more natural, I usually try to keep the tempos all fairly close so that they are not too stretched and metallic sounding. Both of those methods are made easy by having the key & tempo info right in the file name for me to see when I am browsing through them.

We now have 12 Acid and REX loops collections available in our WebShop. Plus our 3 classic Pro Sessions sets released in the early 2000’s by M-Audio. In 2014 we completed 3 trilogies of our indie titles : Abstract World Fusion, Bio-Mechanic Beats and Kunundrum. Look for special discount prices 7 days a week on the triple Acid and REX loops bundles.

Now available in the webshop is the Perimeter Complete Collection – featuring all 15 of our Acid and REX loops sample sets in one discounted mega bundle ! You get 5967 loop samples in both Acid and REX loops format for one low price. More than enough for your next album or soundtrack, with plenty of leftovers for remixing in different styles.

Note : If you like the Abstract World Fusion loop sample sets, then check out the World Tek series we did for Producer Loops. Or if you want more Acid and REX loops like the Kunundrum trilogy & Bio-Mechanic Beats series, then you might like the Ambient Glitch titles, which were done for the Producer Loops online label. And also check out the Experimental Dubstep series, and the Dance Glitch series that we did for Producer Loops. And be sure to visit SoundSpice for some totally different styles of Acid loops.