Zebra Patches

Synth Of Choice – Zebra Patches

Stop by Producer Loops today and grab some freebee try-before-you-buy packs from each of our 6 Zebra preset collections. No email sign up required, and no demo restrictions on using them in your music. Once you’ve tried these free Zebra patches, you will want to buy the full sets. 🙂

Zebra is a semi-modular software synthesizer made by Urs at U-he This great sounding synth has all the basics and more. Including stereo oscillators, a good choice of filters, tons of mod slots, custom lfo types, plus some built-in fx.

Since V2 became available we have used and made original patches for the Zebra synth. Six sets of Zebra patches and counting, each with over 100 presets, all with modwheel assignments for expressive playing, and X/Y pad assignments for almost infinite sound tweaking. Every patch has an arp setting as well, for some instant motion and melodic inspiration.

Zebrasonix was our first Zebra patches collection, and it remains a must-have to this day. Zebrasonix has a massive variety of sounds : bass/leads/kits/pads/synths. The kits are drum/percussion sets with several sounds and a rhythm programmed in. *Also includes some Zebrify fx patches.

Rate Of Motion turned things up a notch, and was aimed for more aggressive productions. From modern dance music styles all the way to adrenaline spiking soundtracks, the ROM presets will cut through the mix and put the pulse back in your tracks. *Also includes some Zebrify fx patches.

Projektor has a little of everything with a focus on drones & pads, which was something the first two sets did not have much of. Consider this the mellower side of Zebra, with some softer sounds and deeper moods. *Also includes some Zebrify fx patches.

SH4RP returned with a growl. This set of Zebra patches is all about the distortion module that was added in the V2.7 update. If you do Dubstep, Industrial, Drum-n-Bass or any type of music that requires -tough- sounds, then you will want to purchase a copy of the SH4RP presets.

COILED is the 5th Zebra patches set we have done, and it is all about Zebra’s amazing Comb Module. All kinds of strings, plucks and cinematic sounds of this world and others can be heard in this set. COILED can be heard in our new World Tek Vol. 4 Acid and REX loops collection.

Locksmith : Keys & Leads is a brand new Zebra patches set for 2016. Locksmith is all about the Keys & Leads, good any time you need some interesting keys or a one of a kind lead sound. It also features lots of patches that utilize the Zebra ‘duophonic’ mode. Locksmith can be heard in the SoundSpice Acidized .Wav Loop Sets ‘Other Space Industrial’ and ‘Dub Extraction’. And will heard in upcoming SoundSpice and Perimeter Sound releases as well.

ZebraFill is a package of all of the patches from our first 3 sets. Get Zebrafill at a discount price and save about 1/3. ZebraFill 2 will be released later in 2016 and contain – SH4RP, COILED and Locksmith.

Pursuit is a mixture of old and new sounds, kind of modern-retro if you will. It covers quite a bit of ground from some Dance styles, to more chill out vibes, while keeping modern producers in mind. Expect to hear sounds from this patch set in future loop sample sets.

Synth Of 2nd Choice – Hive

Also from U-he, the Hive virtual analogue style dual osc synth is a Perimeter favorite. We have 6 patch sets available in a couple of different styles. From the more EDM/Dance of ‘Hive Tek’, to more classic/Synthwave styles in ‘Night Vision’ and ‘Digitized’, as well as the more Industrial sounds of ‘Conceptual 1 & 2’. Check them out and see how different Hive can sound in your music.