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Contact Us is the quickest way to send Perimeter Sound any comments you may have, or to suggest style, genre, or other ideas for future Acid and REX loops & Zebra patches sets. This is also the best place to ask us any questions that you’ve got about our current products. So if there’s something on your mind, just type it into the form below, click submit, and let us know.

We always really enjoy hearing from any fellow producers out there who have made use of some of our Acid and REX loops & Zebra patches in the making of their music. It just never ceases to amaze us when we hear all of the different styles, and really the high quality of music that other folks keep coming up with. If you would like to share some of the music you have made with us, please feel free to add a url where we will be able to hear it in your message comment below in the contact us form. 🙂

If you would like to get in touch with either Todd or Jeff to ask a question or to just say hi and how’s it going guys, please fill in the simple form below to contact us. By using this form to contact us you will not be added to any kind of mailing lists, and your email will not be sold to any 3rd parties. We try to reply to all of the messages personally, and we are usually are able to get back to you within 48-72 hours depending on just how busy we are in any given week. Todd Milne can also be reached directly via his own website which you can visit by clicking this link.

Please fill out the quick form below to contact us.


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